Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheap Camera Tripod

I decided that taking video of the jig work I am doing would be the easiest way to show the wire path needed to make the pieces I'm creating.  The next problem was how to take said video with both my hands busy and no one around to do it for me. While working on my creations I was using an Ott  light and noticed that it had a nice flat surface to place that my phone would fit on.  It wouldn't hold the extra weight so I cut a 2x2 to set under the light for support the weight then simply rubber banded my phone to the top in case it got bumped.  It works amazingly well as you can see by the image on my phone.  Video tutorials to come :)
Using your phone and an Ott light for video recording.


  1. Great idea, Brilliantly simple but effective~thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh heck yeah! That is a great idea and full of light too! I have yet to crack open my jig, but you are making me want to! I will be bringing it with me to ArtBliss next weekend so I am sure that it will get some use. Thanks for the great tip! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. The mother of invention happily at work! So clever.