About Me

I live in Battle Creek, Michigan since 2007, I am originally from Kalamazoo.  Being born to a very crafty family I have been exposed to do-it-yourself projects all my life, I grew up with both of my grandma's sewing, one knitting and one big into crochet.  My dad has always worked with wood, the first project I ever remember him building was a pickup camper that no one but him was sure it was going to make it out of the garage. 

My love of beads started with my first tubes of beads given to me at the age of 8 by my mother.  I know they were to keep me quiet while she worked and they sure did their job.  With a little stretch cord I created several little patterned necklaces for myself and a few for my dolls.

At the age of 12 we took a trip to the Corning factory and I fell in love with glass.  I could have watched the guys make marbles all day.  At that time you could tour the whole REAL factory and it was amazing to see how they made all the tableware.

In 2009 I decided to quit my job and go into making jewelry full time and it has been an amazing couple of years. My jewelry now adorns the necks and wrists of people all around the world through the sales from my shows and Etsy store TracyBell.etsy.com.