Sunday, November 3, 2013

Porthole Necklaces

I have been having trouble typing into blogger and for the past month was only able to put photos in but no type so I couldn't post. Come to find out it was Google Chrome causing the problem, I hope that they figure out the glitch so that I can stop having to go to Explorer.  Oh well it's so much better than not being able to post at all.  This is my visual log of all that I get done and I'm going to have to play catch up now. 

Thanks to Melissa I had some new beer caps to play with last week, I'm especially fond of the sugar skull cap.  I hope that Dave will find one of the beers with the skull caps to his taste.  The bulldog cap was from some blueberry beer that tasted amazing.  I can't have beer due to the gluten so I depend on the livers of others to supply my cap habit.

Porthole Necklace $20.00
Porthole Necklace $20.00

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  1. Strangely I could not make a post on blogger with Internet Explorer and had to use Chrome. I just love your pendants and the variety of beer tops.