Saturday, June 1, 2013

I love Roman Glass

I was sent some roman glass while participating last summers Bead Soup Blog Party Swap and instantly knew I needed more of the beautiful bits of recycled past so when I went to Tucson I was on the outlook to purchase more. Since this can range from 900 to 1200 years old you don't get a lot of choices in color, it mostly comes in greens, teals and a little cobalt blue.  These colors work well with copper and brass so I used the same clasp and look that I used before for the bead soup bracelet.  The clasp are all cut from etched brass and the metals used in the bracelets are a mix of recycled copper and brass.  The small beads are a mix of pyrite, antique dyed bone and wood.
Roman Glass Bracelet $125.00

Roman Glass Bracelet $125.00 with antique dyed bone and wood beads.
Roman Glass Bracelet $125.00

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  1. I sure love the looks of these bracelets, and how it must feel to be wearing a piece of the ancient past!