Friday, May 31, 2013

Bead Bags

Yesterday the mail brought me some tiny metal purse frames,  I was so thrilled with the tiny 3.5 cm size I got to work immediately.  The frame didn't come with a pattern so it took some reverse engineering to make one that fit perfect for my needs.  Leather seemed like the obvious material and since I have a thing for the stuff there was plenty to choose from.  I thought these may need to be hand stitched but after a little trial and error I found out that they could be sewn on the machine.  Soon they will be made into cute necklaces with goodies hanging from them.  Photos to come once there done, I'm headed off to Bead and Button soon and hope to find some great stuff there to finish them off.

My friend Shirley suggested the name for these, Bead Bags.
The Bead Bags look like a bunch of hungry animals.
These measure 2 inches top to bottom not including the closure.
Bead Bags a finished dozen.


  1. I'm always so impressed that your creativity never runs dry! You always seem a step or two ahead of everyone else. What a talent!