Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wave Bangles

Last month I got together with a few of my friends and we worked through the Wave Bangle Bracelet Tutorial written by Robyn Cornelius.  It's extremely well written with tons of beautiful photos, I don't suggest printing this one out if you don't have to since it has a very heavy black border and takes too much ink.  After making the bracelets Chris took the class in person from Robyn at Bead and Button and we found out that there are much easier ways of going about forging these.  It's funny how you decipher directions into how you think things should be done.  Since these are a bangle and not adjustable I doubt I will be making very many more of them.

Chris's, Deb's, and My wave bracelets.
Another view, Deb's, Mine and Chris's bracelets.


  1. It was nice to met you and see Chris at B&B. I heard about the bracelets from Susan Lambert who told me what a nice job you guys did with the tutorial - you sure did!

  2. It's an interesting bracelet! I'm glad you tried it out and gave us all a look!