Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Booth Display

I have been working on a new table set up and think what I have come up with is going to work out great.  This isn't going to be the kind that you sit behind but beside because it's quite tall.  Right now it's on a 5 foot table, I am working toward not having any tables at all except one to take money and package items at.  Many art shows frown on folding tables and my long term goal is to get into these shows.  I don't have a good answer for something else to use that would work as easily but it will come to me sooner or later, most likely later.  This set up holds a whole lot more necklaces in less space than I have used in the past.  It is easier to select items when they hang in singles like this.  I haven't decided on a table cloth yet this is just a sheet I had around the house. 
New Booth Idea,  it will all be clamped together so it's stable.
Items used in this setup, cup hooks, cupcake tins, 1 cassette tape holder with spacers removed, antique tool caddie on it's side in bottom row, old large factory spools, 5 of my mini dress forms,  4 crates of various sizes and a lap tray
Booth Idea Off Pinterest
This second booth photo is off a site that I am addicted to called Pinterest and I think it's amazing but I really would never want items setting so low it's just inviting small children to mess it up.  I think some bulb style Christmas lights would be wonderful for lighting.  Most shows I don't need a whole lot of light so I think they would give off a nice warm glow and not be as terribly harsh as some lighting I have seen.

On a side note, I have the tutorial for the little 24 inch dress forms almost finished and will have it posted in my  etsy store next week.


  1. It looks really nice. I agree with the Christmas lights, would add a nice touch.

  2. Wow! Your booth set up is coming along nicely and I think the addition of Christmas lights would be the perfect touch.

  3. Wowsa! I've never seen anything like this at a craft show I've attended. Love the look visually and the display potential! It gets a lot in a small area but doesn't look crowded. With the various levels, my eyes go from one thing to another (...and I'm sure I would want one of everything)!

    I had to keep looking closer and closer to see how you have those necklaces hanging, and that's a wonderful idea. I have taken mine to shops to show on wall hanging devices, which look nice hanging, but I need to remove other necklaces to get to ones the buyer wants; it would never work for a show. The necklaces also tend to tangle.

    Finally, a note on your sheet. It looks really good from where I sit. (I can't tell it's a sheet.) I was reading about displays a while back and saw that plain white table cloths were recommended. I think that might be just the thing for your display to avoid pulling attention from the great things you have going! Just a thought anyway. You obviously know WAY more about this than I do! Thanks for sharing this!

    P.S. Love your blue walls!

  4. unbleached muslin would be a nice fabric choice , too( & it takes dye beatifully if you wantedto give it a custom look). I love the set up. Did you know binder clips come in all sorts of colours too these days?

  5. Thanks to everyone for all the comments, I have responded to those of you who have your response set up to your email :) And I always love how others see things it helps me look at stuff a different way and that's always good.

    I am going to look into that heavy muslin.

  6. Your display looks great. Also thanks for the pdf instructions for the displays.

  7. Could you tell me where you got the cupcake tins?

  8. I got the ones with the rippled edge at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also have some tiny bunt cake pans on the table that I have collected from several second hand and antique stores. They really make great tiny item holders.