Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Art Walk Booth Display

Fall Art Walk Booth
Friday night was the first time I participated in the Fall Art Walk in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan and I had a great time.  I was set up at the beautiful Lynn Ivan salon right up front.  No one could walk in or out without walking by my space and it was exciting to see the reaction to my new booth setup, the response was extremely positive.  The table can fit on a 5-6 foot table so if I end up with an 8 foot one some places it will leave more space for processing sales.

It was a very good thing that my phone had the photos of the booth set up at home because when I got to the show I couldn't for the life of me remember how the boxes went.  After looking at the photo it all came back to me.  There are plans to change the tablecloth print fabric to something else but I haven't found the right fabric yet so this is what I had and it works for now.  '

The big tags you see are a bit distracting in the photo but each one gives the price and gives some information about the piece.  Here is a sample,                      
Stax Stix Necklace
Copper ground wire 
dug up from the streets of 
Battle Creek, MI.  
Hammered into submission 
then drilled and loaded 
with handmade glass beads.

Many folks commented at how they liked the little stories on the tags, when they were created I wasn't sure if anyone would take the time to read them but most who were even somewhat interested did.
Booth Break Down
On Friday morning I broke down the display to pack in my car everything fit into about a 4 foot deep space in the rear of the Pontiac Vibe.  Before the old booth on an 8 foot table took up the whole back of the car.  I don't have to tell you that hauling that much inside isn't fun.  For some reason this booth looks like more but is actually less bulky.  When it comes to summer and having more table space I know it's going to take more display stuff but for now it's nice to have so little.
Everything packed in the back of my Pontiac Vibe
One of my biggest challenges was stabilizing the whole setup so that if someone hit the table it didn't all come tumbling down.  I had planned on bolting it together in some way but couldn't imagine the time needed to do this each time it was set up. Then I was in the office supply store and realize that the extra large binder clips might work.  If you look close at the first photo you can see that I have simply clamped each of the boxes together and once this was done it was extremely stable and really didn't need much more.  The last problem was that the dress forms needed to be attached to the boxes in some way that wouldn't allow them to move at all.  I realized that the bottom of the candle stick holders unscrewed and there was a hole through the middle of each base.  It was easy to attach the bases to each box and then simply screw the dress form back onto the secured base.
Wood candle stick base screwed to the box.
I hope that this helps anyone who is looking to put together a compact booth display.  The whole thing wasn't terribly expensive, it just took some time looking for the right pieces and designing the dress forms.  Since I am writing a tutorial on how to create your own dress forms it won't take you near as long to put one together for yourself.


  1. Great ideas! Very inspiring to see that a cool display can be fit into a smaller car to transport. And I love the banner with your etsy shop information - cute!

  2. It was great to meet you on Friday night, and I love my little book pendant! Great tips on the display and looking forward to your tutorial on the dress forms.

  3. Thanks so much for the response, I am thrilled with the display and will be at the spring art walk and hope to see you again.