Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where I work

The table I work at is counter top height so I can sit or stand comfortably.
This is my bobcat torch with a special glass filter shield so I don't have to wear glasses.
This is my glass storage it's much fuller now :)
I have two torches a bobcat and a minor and can have both of them hooked up at the same time but most of the time I have a soldering station set up under the second ventilation hood.

I thought I might show you where I work today.  This is NOT what it looks like today, today, right now it looks as if I was hit by a tornado but I do clean up quite often because I find it hard to work in a mess.  Makes ya wonder why I keep creating them?  For me it seems like my most interesting jewelry makes the biggest mess unfortunately and while I am creating there isn't time to pick up  those two things just don't go hand and hand.

This isn't the only place I work and it drives my husband crazy but I do love to create in my favorite chair while watching TV in the evenings.  He just hates to see my stuff spread all over the place and thinks it should be contained in my studio but I don't want to spend all day and all night in there!

Do you have a dedicated room that you create in?

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