Monday, September 6, 2010

I love cooler days.

My show partner Sandra and I do a whole lot of out door shows during the summer and I can truly say that I hate the heat.  Anything over 80 degrees makes me wish for spring or fall whatever is closer.  I have always loved the seasons, 3 of them are great but honestly I could totally do without summer and it's 98 degree days.  This summer at our Fort Wayne Show I actually stuck my feet into my cooler to try and get some relief from the hot sticky weather.  You tell yourself that the heat isn't so bad it's not raining but we had one show this season with a bit of rain and the folks seemed to be happy to shop even though it was a bit damp because the rain brought the temps down.

This Saturday and Sunday will be our last outdoor show and it looks like the temps will be in the 70's Yeah!  The show is in Marshal right down town but I'm not sure where we will be located yet.  Anyplace off the blacktop would be great :)

Here is a photo of my biggest money maker at the last show.  I make these tiny books all from scratch starting by tearing the paper to size, right down to stitching them together.  They measure just over an inch tall and the kids at the show just couldn't keep their hands off them.

No couch was harmed in the making of these little books.  Scrap leather is used and they come in many colors.
Each book has it's own unique chain and dangles.
 The links on this book are made out of fused copper and shaped into hearts.  The buttons from my grandmother's collection and of course the beads are hand made by me.

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