Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tutorials n Such

Today I reiceved a tutorial on how to make flower murrini and I have to say Christina out did herself, the tutorial  is great and looks like it will be very easy to follow once I am sitting at the torch.  Learning by reading tutorials is one of the easiest ways for me to get new information and incorporate it into my beads.  I do love to sit in on a good class and if I had an unlimited cash flow I would travel and take classes from many of the great artist in the bead making world but since I don't, tutorials are the next best thing.  Most authors will answer any questions you might have on their tutorial so the bang for the buck is much larger than going and taking a class, $25.00 wouldn't even cover my gas to get to a class.  Here is the link to her tutorial,

Since I am talking about tutorials today here is a bracelet put together with beads, made with murrini I created using a different tutorial.
Recycled copper and handmade headpins were used in making this bracelet.

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