Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bugs n Nicknames

These happy guys are always tripping over their shoelaces.
I started making these little bugs about 2 years ago and they have become my trademark, when I needed a screen name I decided on Beadbug because I loved to make beads and drove a VW Beetle, since then I have sold the beetle and now drive a Vibe but it just sounds silly to be called Beadvibe so Beadbug it is.

It's kinda funny how things morph into something sillier and sillier.  Starting with the Mouse Tutorial I decided that they were fun to make but weren't my own thing and I wanted something with a glass face.  The smiles on these little guys happened one day on accident.  I was thinking of Jack Nicholson playing the joker and that smile ended up on the head adding eyes that often end up crossed was the finishing touch to these little spiders.   Once I had the first one all made up he just didn't look finished until I added the shoelaces,  it was just the touch I was looking for.

This is one of my favorite bugs.

Do you have a trademark item that is all you?

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