Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Do You Create

Grandmothers Flower Garden

When I talk to fellow jewelry designers I like to ask them how they go about creating their jewelry.  Designers seem to land into two groups there are the ones who like to draw and plan their project then make all the parts and pieces for that project.  Then there are the ones like me who like a whole lot of parts and pieces in front of them to design from.

I find that my time is much better spent making parts and pieces in bulk that I often use in my jewelry pieces rather than a few bits n pieces at a time.  Today I was out of head pins so instead of sitting down and just making the amount needed for the project on my desk I took the time to make a couple hundred.  When making s clasps I normally make a dozen or more, it just seems like my time is better spent working this way.  Cutting a couple hundred headpins not only saves me time it also saves energy since I am not turning on and off the torch through out the day just to make a few at a time. 

I also spent today making disk beads and small beads for my grandmother's flower garden bracelet.  When I started making this bracelet last December I had no idea how popular the design would be and should have kept track of how many I have made because it would be interesting to know.  Each one is unique because the color combos are always a bit different since all the beads are handmade.  This bracelet also takes 23 head pins and 69 beads so you can see how I can go through so many beads and headpins in no time at all.

Once I find a design element that works I like to take the idea and see what else I can create with it.  The bracelet below is another use of the little flowers used in the grandmother's flower garden bracelet and below that is a necklace.

Bouquet Bracelet, it's light weight and will not flip over on your wrist while you wear it.

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