Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bead and Button Haul

I just got back from Bead and Button in Milwaukee and have to say if you ever get a chance to go, do it!  This was my 4th year going with my friends Chris and Deb. 

Let's get right to the goodies I brought back. The first items were in our treat bag given when you register for bead and button. 
I am in love with these tiny wubbers. 
These are little spoils of colored wire. 
This is a small amount of bead wire and a new thing called a spool tamer. I really like how it works and am sure I could make some of these up out of some shrinkydink plastic. 
Next up, some of my purchases. These beads were calling my name. 
A few small raw rock slabs to play with. 
All the types of paste solder they make, I simply love this stuff. 
Cute beads from Marsha Neal. I can't wait to play with these. 
I got some really fun toggle loops from Michelle McCarthy. 
This amazing tube cutting tool came from Anne Mitchell. 
A small hot torch for all my soldering needs. 
A super cute tiny all around great hammer. 
A medium set of super nice files made in Germany. 
And last but by far not least is my beautiful paisley made by Patri Cahill. I have loved these since I first saw them and am thrilled to finally own one. All week I kept walking by and admiring this piece. On Sunday it was still there so I decided it must be a sign that it should be mine. 


  1. Nice score on the paisley. Ah the thrill of the hunt. It looks like you chose well. Enjoy your new tools and stuff!

  2. Wow, some great items. Never heard of the spool tamer until now. Going to get some. And the rock slabs has my heart pumping faster.