Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bead and Button Classes

This is the second year I have taken classes at Bead and Button, I love the hands on approach these classes offer and normally the teachers are some of the best you will find from across the country. 

This year I took the Forged and Twisted Bracelet from Christina Leonard and Gail Lanum and it was a wonderful class but then any day I get to play with fire and metal is a great day. During this class I made 7 bangles and the neck wire. 

Day two of class was Scheherade in Silver Glass with HayleyTsang Sather. I don't have anything good to say about this class. It was very much a beginner class even though half the class had over 10 years of experience in bead making.   We spent most of the class listening to the teacher talk, I'm a quick worker and only got 4 beads made. The last bead was the only one we actually used silver glass on. The class was suppose to help us get amazing colors out of the silver glass and she spent all of about three minuets on reducing. I knew most everything she taught from reading Corinas book over 10 years ago.  What a waste of a day and money. 

These are the beads I made in class. And the photo below is what we were suppose to be learning.  I actually took more time packing my tools for this workshop than I did making actual beads in this class. 

The third class was the Sturrup Biker Bracelet with Anne Mitchell,  her and JC are the top teachers on my list. When we walked into class Anne had each students spot all set up with every tool we would need and our own Little torch station. 

She also had the kits all ready with almost everything cut to size. 

Her class ran so smooth I was able to get two bracelets made and was still the first one to leave class. I did stay in for lunch to work for a little extra time. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Anne do it, you won't be sorry.

These still need a bit more patina and another tumble, I'm extremely happy with these and I learned as much about making a class run like clockwork from Anne as I did metal techniques, this class was worth every penny spent and I will be taking more of Anne's classes in the future. 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to the Philadelphia show in August and I'll be on the lookout for these instructors.
    Lovely bangles by the way!

  2. love the bangles and neck wire! As well as bracelet with Anne Mitchell. Taking one of her classes soon and even more excited based on your comments. Thanks for the feedback on your classes. So disappointing to spend time on money on a bummer of a class!

  3. Are the forged bracelets copper or brass and what gauge metal. They are awesomely beautiful. Will look for a class with her for sure.

    1. These are actually bronze in 8 and 10 gauge. You'll love the class those two are very fun.