Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Dislike for Matchy Ear Rings

You may have read me say before that I really dislike making ear rings.  Seems silly since they take very little supplies or time to make but they do take a lot of space in the booth to display properly and are a pain to transport.  Since my booth is over filled already with goodies for the neck, wrist, hair and purse to add another item just seems a bit crazy.

My friends all tell me that ear rings are great sellers and account for a large part of there sales at every show but I just don't like them.  First of all I never wear any ear rings but post style because I don't like to turn my head and be slammed in the side of the head.  They also often times got stuck in my hair when I use to wear them.  Since I don't wear them I am a very poor sales person for ear rings.

Even after all this I often get asked for ear rings and I always tell these folks that I would be glad to make them ear rings usually to match what ever piece they are purchasing.  I never tell them this part but I think that being to matchy, matchy isn't very creative, match color, match style but matching necklace, bracelet and ear rings is just a bit to much,  it's just my opinion and I do realize it isn't the norm.

I know that stores are packed with sets of jewelry this time of year for folks who can't create a look on their own but next time you put your jewelry on think about the color and texture.  Do you have something else in your box of jewels that matches the color or texture that would make the look more interesting than just matching?  Just a thought.

Here are the matchy ear rings that I made today and I have to say that I do love them, they were a special order but still don't make me want to crank out 50 pair of ear rings :)  I guess that makes each pair I make very, very special!

Please let me know your thoughts on ear rings.
Celtic Garden Ear Rings


  1. Okay, you asked for it! First, sorry to say, but I love earrings! If I have to choose one piece of jewelry to put on to go out in public (for without one, I won't feel fully dressed!), I'm going to put on a pair of earrings. If the house was burning, I'd probably grab a pair...or two!

    I've always preferred the long dangles to the posts. (I think because I used to have to answer phones too much and the posts would jab into my neck!) For a while though, I had to cool it with too many dangles because it does get distracting if you do public speaking. After a while people just get hypnotized by the bouncing earrings and don't pay a bit of attention to what you are saying!

    So there you have it! I have a few matchy pair, (matchy in that they use the same beads as a necklace or bracelet). I have some of these left over that I made a few years ago but seldom wear them at the same time any more. That does seem to have gone a bit out in the last few years so I also tend to coordinate a color or material rather than wear an exact match.

    The only thing I don't like about making earrings is that I often make one, like it, but get bored before I complete the second one! (How's that for an attention problem!) When the style finally hits that the 2 earrings can be completely different, I'm ready and stocked!

    (Maybe next time there should just be a box where I check "yes" or "no!") Ha!

  2. P.S. The earrings you've created above look perfect to me!

  3. I agree with you, I don't like matching earrings. I bought a pair of non-matching handmade glass earrings when I was on a bicycle trip in Germany when I was 11 (still have them) and I love wearing them, but I do get some weird looks today. I love those black pair you created - they are gorgeous!

  4. I couldn't agree more about earrings. I don't wear them myself either, unless I have my hair up. And I too usually only wear 1 or 2 pieces of jewelry at a time - if I am wearing a necklace, I probably won't wear earrings because I think it's too much. So I too have a hard time making a bunch of earrings to sell as well, even though I too hear how great they sell. My other issue is, unless I am making some handmade component for the earring I have a hard time pricing them if I am just throwing a few beads together because I feel it didn't take me but a few minutes to make them.

  5. LOL, don't be sorry you like ear rings :) I am just glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn't care for all the matching jewelry. There are so many beautiful choices out there so go mix it up :)

  6. I like matchy earrings if they're beads, but if they're something like your earrings then it's ok if they're not perfectly matching. Now for "sets"...I like them to coordinate, but not match. Matching is just overkill :)

  7. I was just reading a blog and the person was talking about not wearing big ear rings because she wore glasses and it was just to much bling. For years I wore dangle ear rings but at the same time I wore contacts. This totally explains my aversion to dangle ear rings. They are just to much with my crazy hot pink or lime green glasses. Maybe if I wore normal glasses it wouldn't be to much?

  8. It is always interesting to hear what other jewelry artists have to say about jewelry. I love it all and right now have on 3 bracelets, 2 rings, dangle earrings and a necklace. Having said that, I will let you know that other than all being in sterling silver, there are no 2 pieces that match. I don't think I own but one pair of earrings that actually match a bracelet and necklace and I never wear them all together.
    Also the simpler the pieces, the more I feel I can wear. If my necklace is a statement piece, everything else will usually be low key and usually less pieces. And I love earrings. I used to wear mostly posts when my hair was short, but now wear dangles to show under my chin length hair. And like Sharyl would probably grab a pair on the way out of a burning house.