Friday, December 23, 2011

Glasses as Jewelry

After thinking about my last post on ear rings I have realized that my aversion to big ear rings is because I have so much bling on my face already. You see, I love amazing glasses.

For many years I wore contacts and during that time, I also wore bigger ear rings.  The need for bifocals ended my love of contacts.  I have tried every kind imaginable, with every pair I was having to give up some distance vision to achieve the close up vision I needed to make jewelry, it just wasn't worth the trade off.

I worked at an eye doc's office for awhile and in that time I collected some amazing frames.  I have hot pink Judy Jetson glasses, lime green ones, a fameless version that you can change the temples on, great sunglasses and your basic brown glasses.  The ones I wear most often are the hot pink Judy Jetson ones who needs more bling than that!
My collection of eye wear.

You can now see why I have an aversion to ear rings. This is the time for new beginnings so next year I am going to change that.  For next year I pledge to make more ear rings.  Not matchy ones, I still can't break that rule but ones that compliment the jewelry that I am making at the moment.

Here are some tips for next time you have to shop for glasses, remember that they are jewelry and you should feel wonderful in them.

  • Don't wait until you break your current glasses or are desperate for new frames before you start shopping.  This can make you purchase something that isn't as amazing as a pair that you had time to shop for.
  • When someone offers to help you at the eye doc's take into consideration if you like the frames she/he is wearing.  They don't have to share your personal style but do you like the glasses on them?  Do they fit their style or are they just safe.  A person who works in the eye wear world should rock your socks off with the frames they wear.  They often get a deep discount so they don't need to play  it safe
  • Spend some time deciding on a new frame, look in more than one store.  Most likely your eye doc's office can order anything you can find someplace else you just need the name brand and style number.
  • Don't let the person showing you frames push you into anything your not sure of.  
  • Take photos of yourself in several frames you like and show them to your friends for help.  This is where that camera in your phone will come in really handy.
  • Take someone with you who's glasses you love.
  • Take a chance on an amazing color.
  • Purchase a sturdy frame,  frameless glasses will never hold up to much stress and if your anything like me you need something that will hold up to a lot of abuse.
  • Pay for the extras like scratch protection and anti glare.  Make sure the anti glare coating is on the inside and outside of the lens one way some places cheap out is to only have it on the outside of the lens.  Most scratch protection coatings insure your glasses for 2 years.  
  • Your frame should be covered for a year or two against breakage ask about this because the frame company's cover this and it shouldn't cost you any extra cash.  Some company's charge you to replace a frame depending on how old your glasses are, this is crap go someplace else.
  • Ask about replacement for lost glasses.  A good office will offer to replace them for half off for the first year.
Have fun, take your time and find the perfect frame or two for your style.  If you don't know what your style is take a look at Pinterest.  I will warn you it's an evil addiction but if you start a board with looks you love in clothing and eye wear it will help when you go out to find those special glasses.

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  1. What a fun, unusual topic, but one that's really important! (Love your cool frame collection!) What glasses we wear do make an impact on the earrings we chose to wear (or not to wear). So does hair style.

    Until about a year ago, I had hair down below my waist. I tended to wear it braided or in a pony tail (pulled back or pulled up in some manner to keep it out of the way). My ears generally could be seen just like they did when I had very short hair, so I tended to wear medium-length dangling earrings.

    When I got my hair cut into a medium-long bob, more than the missing hair, I was more bothered by the fact that my earrings could no longer be seen! So I started making my earrings very long, so they could still be seen beneath my hair. I have more "hair options" again now, but I'm still enjoying the longer earrings.

    However, this discussion reminds me I should be offering more options to customers in terms of length. (Now don't even get me started on earrings and face shape!)