Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adjustable Leather Bracelets

I just finished this bunch of leather bracelets and the Pandora sized beads fit on the leather wonderfully, it's a much more relaxed way to wear your beads.  These beads don't slide around on the leather but stay put so you could space them around the bracelet if you like.  I am always looking for Manly jewelry but it's so hard to make since I love beads and they usually end up making it look to girly but simply leaving the beads off an tying a knot gave this bracelet more masculen look that I really like. The bracelet is very adjustable and I have left it long just in case you want to fill it with beads or have a bigger wrist.  If the tail ends up being to long it's simple to just trim it shorter.
Hand cut adjustable leather band with beads $20.00
Hand cut adjustable leather bracelet without beads $12.00
 If you are interested in any of these just let me know and I will put it up on Etsy.


  1. You seem to come up with a new idea a day! I like the ones with your beads...and I think I see a few copper rings in there too! But I can imagine some would prefer without, so It's nice you provide a choice...and again, the adjustable sizing!

    Have you named your no-name bracelet yet..or going to think on it for a while?

  2. Oh, I see the winner in a comment to the right already! That is a good one! (Sounds much better than the "Norse Viking Shield Armor Bracelet" theme idea I had going! Might sell a few more bracelets too!) Well, despite the tacky name, I really liked your bracelet! :-)

  3. Love them, and you are right, the would look great on hubby, unfortuntely he refuses to wear jewerly.