Thursday, February 24, 2011

Light Houses

On our recent vacation we visited a light house on Anastasia island in St. Augustine Florida.  When we got there it looked like fun to climb to the top and although the climb up the stairs, over 250 of them was tough I made it to the top to walk out onto the cat walk and almost have a panic attack.  I am terribly afraid of heights!  What was I thinking???  I immediately sat down against the wall of the light house and proceeded to crawl around  part way to the the other side so I could see more of the view.  After being out on the cat walk for just a few minuets I crawled back to safety.  That wasn't the worse part of the whole experience as you can see from the photo below the stairs have holes in them and you can see allllllllll the way down to the bottom.  I am such a klutz that I have to look down to be sure that I am stepping properly on each step because falling down these stairs would not be fun.  Next time we get someplace that there is a light house I believe I will enjoy it from the ground.

Allllll the stairs

St. Augustine Light House


  1. WOW I had the same feeling and experience when I visited there. I barely got out the door to the catwalk, never knew I was scared of heights until then needless to say I have never visited another lighthouse again, and yes it is terrifying going down those stairs than up them. Otherwise I hope you had a good time I love St Augustine did you see the pirate ship that was to be docked there? nancy

  2. I had a great time but didn't see the pirate ship, glad to hear I am not the only one out there that had this same experience.