Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Treasure

We spent 5 days at the beach last week and most of that time was spent looking for shells to use in my jewelry.  I got quite the haul and it's a good thing we drove because I brought back was 17 pounds of shells and I would have had to ship them had we flown down to Fort Lauderdale.  On the way back we stopped for a day in St. Augustine, had I know what beautiful black shells they had on their beach we would have made more time for beach browsing, there is always next time.

Here is a photo of the shells from this trip and some of the jewelry I created with the shells I picked up last year.
These are a few inches deep.

Life's a beach bracelet
Shells n Sea Glass Beads Bracelet


  1. I like your beach treasures. Playful, fun, clever use of found objects, natural, nice. Well done! Makes me want to go to the beach and get away from this snow!

  2. Oh my these are beautiful I hate being so far from the beach, I love shells.

  3. Those pieces are fabulous. The top copper one is blowing mind. You must spend an inordinate amount of time drilling holes and sanding sharp edges. More power (tools) to ya!

  4. I'm a huge shell collector....these look great with the oxidized copper....can't wait for my beach trip! I usually take my dremmel and make windchimes...shells hanging off driftwood....guess I'll be taking my copper this time :-) Great pics! Inspiring!