Friday, February 1, 2013

On the Road Again

This was our last day on the road we have made it to Tucson with a little fun and interesting stuff along the way so here goes.
I can't imagine having the option of taking these classes at my
local community college. 
Diane found out that they have some purse snatching mean bears in
New Mexico.
This is one wonderful man, he doesn't talk back and offers up food :)
Diane and the wonderfully nice tiger.
The drive has taken way to long so Diane decided to fly.
I'm not sure she has enough quarters.
We were screwed over at the gas station and it wasn't even at the Kum n Go!
Gas has been running around $3.09 but not in the middle of nowhere.
I don't think you can truly see the colors here but they were beautiful.
Do you have a need for 15 or so carved wooden bears?
If so we have a deal for you.
The sunset on the way into Tucson was just amazing. 
We found a tamale restaurant that was voted the best in Tucson
and the food was AMAZING.
They sell frozen tamales so we will be going back
 before heading home.

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  1. Happy u guys made it safely....enjoy....wish I was there...ive only ever been to one real live bead show....hugs xox