Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm Teaching in Tucson

I'm beyond excited to tell the world about my next adventure.  I was asked by Brenda of the Now That's a Jig to teach a few classes in Tucson this February at the Best Bead Show. In September I posted a little about the jig and how I going to be designing some jewelry patterns that would be made on the jig.  Brenda liked them so much she has scheduled me to teach these designs.  Sign up for these classes HERE.

I'm still having trouble with blogger and am unable to label photos or load all I would like!  This has been going on since September.  This post was done on a combo of computer and iPad.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sterling Silver Spinner Rings

The Spinner Rings are ready for new homes, I've been wearing one since September and its shape and size make it the perfect thumb ring but they fit great on any finger.  These are extremely hard to size I have one of the ring rulers and when the band is cut to size plus the thickness of the metal it almost always ends up a size smaller.  Oh well I'll get it figured out sooner or later, most likely later. For now I have 10 of them finished.
Sterling Silver Spinner Rings $55.00
Sterling Silver Spinner Rings Sizes $55.00

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Measure up Bracelet

Here's a cute little bracelet I made with some pieces of ruler just for fun.
Measure up Bracelet $75.00

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Keep Safe Bracelets

I finished a few more Keep Safe Bracelets this past week for the Recycled Art Mart that I participated in.  If you make recycled items I can highly recommend getting involved in this show, let me know and I'll be happy to get you the information.

These tiny tins are very few and far between and if you have one that you would like turned into a bracelet or necklace I would be happy to do that for you.

Valve Keep Safe Bracelet $75.00

Aspirin Keep Safe Bracelet $75.00

Sinker Keep Safe Bracelet $75.00

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Now That's a Jig, Peg n Tool Storage

I have been working on some new designs for use with the Now That's a Jig was really getting frustrated chasing the pins after the rolled off my table onto the floor so I came up with an answer.  I had a piece of dollar store florist foam that was still wrapped in plastic so I simply stabbed the screw section through the plastic into the foam and I now have an amazing tool and peg storage cube for all my jig items.  If this works well for a week or so I believe I will make one out of wood with my drill press but this one will be great for now and you all know how I love a quick cheap solution.

Now That's a Jig Peg Storage

Portal Necklaces

I have been having trouble typing into blogger and for the past month was only able to put photos in but no type so I couldn't post. Come to find out it was Google Chrome causing the problem, I hope that they figure out the glitch so that I can stop having to go to Explorer.  Oh well it's so much better than not being able to post at all.  This is my visual log of all that I get done and I'm going to have to play catch up now. 

Thanks to Melissa I had some new beer caps to play with last week, I'm especially fond of the sugar skull cap.  I hope that Dave will find one of the beers with the skull caps to his taste.  The bulldog cap was from some blueberry beer that tasted amazing.  I can't have beer due to the gluten so I depend on the livers of others to supply my cap habit.

Portal Necklace $20.00
Portal Necklace $20.00

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheap Camera Tripod

I decided that taking video of the jig work I am doing would be the easiest way to show the wire path needed to make the pieces I'm creating.  The next problem was how to take said video with both my hands busy and no one around to do it for me. While working on my creations I was using an Ott  light and noticed that it had a nice flat surface to place that my phone would fit on.  It wouldn't hold the extra weight so I cut a 2x2 to set under the light for support the weight then simply rubber banded my phone to the top in case it got bumped.  It works amazingly well as you can see by the image on my phone.  Video tutorials to come :)
Using your phone and an Ott light for video recording.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Now That's A Jig

Some days I could just kiss my mail lady, I really do love her,  beyond being an excellent mail carrier she is also a great customer.  Today she brought me a very special package, it was shipped from my new friend Brenda Schweder who I met at the Bead Fest in Philly.  If you don't know who Brenda is she is the inventor of the Now That's A Jig and my package contained a whole jig setup including a few extra parts.  If you haven't seen this jig I suggest you take yourself over to her website and check it out, it's amazing, the pegs all screw in instead of just pegs that slide out every time you take your work off the jig. It also screws to the table leaving both hands free to create.
My new toy, Now That's a Jig
I was able to play with her jig for some time at the show since her booth was right beside Diane's, I was able to make up these dragon flies in 3 sizes.  The patterns will be available through Brenda's website along with 10 more I will be creating for her in the next few months.
Dragon Flies made with the new Now That's a Jig
Brenda's bracelet is on the cover of this months Wire Jewelry Magazine.
Brenda's Bracelet

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep Safe Bracelet

Since early spring I have been collecting little tins the size of the old aspirin boxes and smaller,  a few projects with the bigger ones have made it out of the studio but I had some extra special tiny ones that really needed to be made into something amazing.  About a month ago I had them sitting on my bench along with some other antique parts n pieces and realized that they fit together really well with old garter parts and that's when the Keep Safe Bracelets were born.  The antique boxes used for these are still fully functional and can hold whatever you an dream up while sitting beautifully on your wrist.
Keep Safe bracelet $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelet, Gas Lighter $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelets, Valve Cores $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelets, Powder Tin $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelet, Aspirin $75.00 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gypsy Bracelets

I know you think I forgot about my blog but it's just been a bit crazy for the past month. Diane Hawkey and I traveled to Philly for the Bead Fest and I got to see my youngest son for a day since he now lives in Baltimore. When we got back I packed up to go out camping for the holiday weekend, I always take a project with me and this time it was a bunch of funky parts and pieces that ended up mashing together into what I have named The Gypsy Bracelet.
Gypsy Bracelet in blues $65.00
Gypsy Bracelet in browns $65.00 
Gypsy Bracelet in Red n Turquoise $65.00

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leather Bracelets

I'm trying to get ready for the Bead Bonanza in Southfield this October so I have been making parts and pieces that can be turned into Christmas purchases after the show.  I have fun plans for these leather bracelets but for now they will just stay plain and ready for my customers to decorate.  These adjust from 7-8 inches long and can fit loose like a bangle or tight depending on your preference.  I've made about 60 of these so there's plenty for everyone :)

Half Inch Wide Adjustable Leather Bracelets $8.00 each  or 5 for $25.
No price break for less than 5.
A view of the adjustable  back of the bracelet.  
Colors from top to bottom, black, purple, dark purple, dark brown, brown, rough brown.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Today I worked on some leather wrap bracelets, I have been wanting to make some for a while now but couldn't figure out how to make an easily adjustable closure.  Today it hit me to just go old school and make a slide style belt clasp. They come in black and brown and run really long so that you can adjust them to your size and cut off any extra leather.  

Triple Wrap Leather Bracelets in Black and Brown $40.00
Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet Handmade Clasp
Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet Black and Brown $40.00

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sand and Sea Necklaces

I fell in love with these little starfish and decided that they would make a great addition to my beach themed jewelry.  Sandwiching sand and starfish between two pieces of glass was a bit more challenging than I had imagined,  adding the sand while using sticky foil didn't go so well at first but once I got the right tools it got a bit easier. The glass dangle is actually an etched bead that I made to look like sea glass, the shell and sand were scavenged from the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

I want to say a big thanks to Mix Hardware here in Battle Creek for saving their scrap window glass for me.

As always these are so much more fun in person so if you get a chance please stop by my booth at the Holland, Michigan Art in the Park on August 3rd.

Sand and Sea Necklace $40.00
pendant measures 3" long

Sand and Sea Necklace $40.00 hung on a 24" long copper ball chain.

Long Sand and Sea Necklace $45.00
pendant measures 4" long
This is the only one of this length.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today was a fob kind of day, I just made a few.  You can use them on zippers, purses, jackets, and more.  Mine have gone through the wash many times without incident so don't worry about the beads breaking there tougher than you think. The skulls are carved stone, the larger ones were white but when I tumbled them they turned this tan color and to tell you the truth I like them even better.  I'm not sure what made them change from the cream color and I may not be able to reproduce it so I haven't thrown out the water from this batch and am going to throw the rest of them in before I change it. Don't you just love happy accidents.

Totally Handmade out of Recycled Copper Wire $15.00

Fobs $15.00
Fobs $15.00

Friday, July 19, 2013

Logo Pendants

A friend asked if I could make some pendants with the Oakland Derby Diamonds logo.  We originally thought that the bottle cap that she had could be used just as I had made the porthole pendants but it ended up being just a sicker and didn't work.

I had these domed glass pieces so with the logo printed I glued to the back side of the glass so it wouldn't slip once the piece was finished.  Since this is glass and paper I couldn't use regular solder so I used the soft stained glass solder to secure the copper dome to the solid copper disk on the back. These measure 1 1/4" across and are 5/8" deep and can be made with any one inch logo.

 Oakland Derby Diamonds pendants on 30" ball chain $48.00.

The logo is hard to see so I thought I'd show you
what it looks like without the glass.