Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sharks Teeth Necklaces

I was asked if I had ever worked with sharks teeth and said no but I'm sure I could figure something out. I have had these teeth since Christmas time and hadn't done anything with them so today was the day, I figured the wire setting I used for the rocks would work but when I tried to use smaller wire it just bent way to easily so I had to go back to the larger wire. I think the look is growing on me its rustic and really fits the teeth. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Off to Bead and Button

My Knife Bells are going to be featured in Chris Thommen's booth, The Art of the Bead at the Bead and Button show this year. She will have Naked ones with no adornments ($35) and fully decorated ones with beads and chains ($45). 

Here are some fun photos of the process. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Necklace Boards

Anyone who participates in shows knows how hard it is to get all your crap contained and hauled into the location. I have been selling my wares at shows since October of 2009 and working on my display just as long. I think they're an ongoing project because as your product changes your display has to change to handle it. The basics of mine have stayed the same for some time but recently I decided that the dress forms had to go they were bulky and I couldn't leave the jewelry on them to transport, after a week of trying a bunch of different things I came up with these new necklace boards. 
They are very functional and slim bit now I had to figure out how to pack them so the jewelry would be protected during travel. Part of the whole reason for designing something new was to cut down on the setup time. 
First I sewed up some wide elastic bands that can be pulled over the pendants top and bottom. There is a pice of polar fleece that they are wrapped in before the elastic goes on. 
I then stitched these polar fleece bags that slide over the whole mess, they give some more protection for the jewelry and the help keep the paint from chipping. 
Here's what the backs look like. I just used plumbing pipe to attach them to the top of my display and to the boards. Not beautiful but functional and most of the time the back will be against the wall. 
Now when everything is all packed up my 6 foot table all fits on one small cart and the only thing left to haul is my jewelry case. I can get everything I need into the show in just one trip!
Here is the old display with dress forms for comparison. I think the new necklace boards look nice and crisp. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Copper and Stone Necklaces

These are some of the stone slabs I got in Tucson. They were just rough cut so I took a lapidary class so I could learn how to make make them into beautiful polished stones. 
I made one cab in class and decided that I never wanted to make another one again. I don't have any interest in bezel settings they just always look so prissy.  When you bezel set it hides the back and sides of the beautiful stones.  Necklace wth neck wire $70.00
I ended up leaving one or more of the sides of my rocks with a rough edge so they kept some of the natural feel. To show off the stones I soldered up these simple prong settings so the stones can be seen all the way around. 
The settings looked like little aliens before being wrapped around the stones. There is an amazing free video at the Beducation site on how to make these settings. 
The stone settings moved all over on the smooth neck wires so I updated the hinged neck wires to include a little u in the front to keep the stones centered. I have several sizes because these really aren't on size fits all but one size does fit most. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tiny Tin Bracelets

I have some new Tiny Tin Bracelets, the tin boxes on these are fully functional so you can stash a little note or some m&m's. Each bracelet is $75.00. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stow it Necklace

I worked on some new Stow it Necklaces today and had a few old laxative boxes so I decided they needed to have dice and a key since it always feels like your rolling the dice when you take them and hope it's the key to success. 

Natures remedy Laxative, roll the dice $65.00

Try-lax the key to your success $65.00

Headache Tablets Box $65.00

Victoria Tungs-Tone Stylus Box $65.00

Rose King Box $65.00

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Handmade Jacket

I use to  sew a lot and after looking at all the amazing clothing that either doesn't come in my size or is to expensive I decided it may be time to start sewing again. This week I made a cute jacket and thought I would share it here.  I designed the jacket off a shirt pattern that I had made. 
The buttons were from my grandma and moms button collection and the idea for the front embellishment came from the Allabama Chanin blog, I simply love her style. 
Here is the back. 
This is the sleeve detail. 
These are crochet snap covers, the instructions are on the Allabama Chanin blog. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mermaid Tears

I sold the first Mermaid Tears necklace so here's #2. It has 139 tears and measures 22 inches long. $150.00

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hook and Eye Bracelet Tutorial

As I was putting away some sewing supplies last week I came across an old card of hooks and eyes, I realized if I made them on a larger scale they would make great links for a necklace or bracelet so I sat down last night and made a fun but simple bracelet on the Now That's A Jig. I figured most of you could easily figure it out but to save you the trouble I have put together a little down and dirty photo tutorial. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mermaid Tears Necklace

It's been over 5 years since I've made some of these cute little beads and I'm not sure why I waited so long to make them again. They are created off mandrel and are about the size of the end of my pinky, think tiny. I went a little crazy and ended up with over 125 there are 114 on the necklace. 
Here's the whole necklace it's really hard to photograph, it's priced at $150. 
Here it is on, don't mind my freckled neck. 

Here is a close up of a few so you can see the loops, they are all created using frit, clear glass and a pair of tweezers that I made for this purpose.

A few days after the first necklace was made I ended up back at the torch and made another 105 beads and made these little necklaces. I had a naming contest on Facebook and my friend Deb came up with the name Mermaid Tears. 
$20.00 + shipping. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Around The World Links

Last month I was in Tucson teaching for Brenda on the Now That's a Jig I picked up the new Now That's a Plier, available from Reo, all the jig pegs fit this unique plier so it takes the place of many I already have and has the possibility of doing so much more. For my first project I worked on these unusual links with a touch of extra wire wrapping. I'm calling them around the world links because my friend Jamey thought they had the look of world maps. 

                    The bracelet is $85
                       Necklace $125
                     Bracelet $85

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where The Magic Happens

I got a new to the studio desk and decided it was time for a big clean out so 4 large garbage bags and 4 days later this is what it looks like. The walls are actually a very nice color yellow, not sure why the color is so off in these. 

The last few years I have realized that although I love tiny drawers they really don't work for me so I have gone to items in clear pencil boxes (second row from the top), divided craft storage boxes (third row from the top) and clear shoe boxes that are located on most every other shelf in the studio. You may wonder why I like all these little single storage solutions instead of drawers and the reason is if I'm working on a project I can pull just the storage tubs I need and they all have lids so they can be shuffled and stacked in what ever order makes sense to me for the moment. It's also easy to add in more to the collection. 

You can see my bucket of recycled copper waiting to be twisted into something fun. 

The gray piece in front of my chair there is a huge piece of marble my brother gave me when I started making jewelry, it makes the best work surface. This desk use to be able n our family room but it never really worked for my husbands huge road plans so he now has a huge drafting desk we got from my friend Bethany. 

This is my collection of glass rods, torch table and the ever important ventilation the vent goes out the basement window at the top of the photo and uses a big cast iron fan motor that my brother hooked me up with. 

This shows the whole work table with the double ventilation. The right side of the bench is often set up for soldering. 

I have a new feature on my phone called panorama and I used it to take a sweeping view of the whole room. I am in the basement but since it's a walkout it was easy to get all the furniture into the room. 

I had to keep telling myself it was really going to get better because this is what it looked like mid way through moving the new desk in and the old one out.