Sunday, July 8, 2018

Window Project

Sometimes I use my artsy fartsy  crafty side to fix problems around the home and this is one I’m really happy with. I’ve always felt like we lived in a giant fish bowl but with the dog curtains and blinds would be messed up in a day so what to do, Pintress to the rescue. I purchased frosted window cling sheet and cut out all these hexagons using a hex quilting ruler. I actually put them up solid and decided after they were up what spaces needed to be removed. I then had a friend help me cut bees out with a silhouette cutter. 

From the inside at night before the bees were applied. 

Looking out during the he day. 

Looking in at night. 

I also did the back window at the top to tie it all together.  I’ve got to touch up where the curtain rods were.  

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