Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Copper Clay Class

My friend Christa and I are currently taking a metal clay class at the KIA in Kalamazoo.  I have messed around with the metal clay a bit making only flat items and so far in class we have covered making flat pieces with several different techniques.  This week it's going to get more interesting, will be making clay tube and start on some 3D items.

I just put together this bracelet using some of the pieces I created in class.  The lady bug was made from a eraser stamp that I carved in class.  The toggle is from  a button I pushed into clay and the little flower section you may recognize it from my tab necklaces.  The bracelet does have an adjustable length toggle so it will fit most any wrist size.
Copper n Glass Ladybug Bracelet $45.00


  1. I love them all. I just got some Copper Art Clay and have been wanting to experiment, but haven't had time yet. I can't wait, especially after seeing your great pieces. There's nowhere around me that gives classes in Metal clay, so I'll be on my own.

  2. I missed this one somehow! Just checking up on you!

  3. I love your bracelet and especially the lady bug! It looks like your class is going well. I have some copper clay but haven't gotten around to doing anything with it. The kiln kind of intimidates me, I think. I need to take a class and get over it.

  4. The bracelet has a nice finish with some reds peeping out of the bracelet...and in copper the look is always fantastic.It is very trendy to wear bracelets these days.