Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beads of Courage

Today my friends and I spent the day at the West Michigan Glass Society we made beads for the Beads of Courage Program. If you don't know about this program please take a look, it's a wonderful program that gives out beads to children with cancer to mark milestones in their treatment.  Many of these children don't have a whole lot to be happy about, our hope is that the beads we made today will remind the children that there are people who care enough about what they are going through to share their talent. We all hope these beads will put a smiles on their faces when they may be facing something to scary to think about.

Our bead making group meets once a month at different locations around Michigan and although we don't have a regular name most of us call ourselves DiPWADS (doesn't play well with any divas).  Twice a year we rent out the Glass Society to play with fire, stuff our faces and generally enjoy each others company.  This is one of the most wonderful and sharing group of women I have ever been involved with.  If you live in the area and make glass beads or would like to learn please join us for a meeting all are welcome, we list our meetings and chat on Lamp Work Etc. check out the second post for times and locations.

Photos of the beads we made today will be up in a day or two.
Jill, Sharon, Robin, Jamey, Deb K, Deb, Barb, Dawn and Marion, this is some serious creating going on :)

Jill, Marion, Dawn, Christa, Sharon, Robin and Deb K, I love it when all the torches are in use.

Dawn and Melissa with their beads or courage shirts on.

Barb, Laurie, Nancy and Sandra, more torches glowing.

Sandra, Ann Marie, Dawn, Karen and Chris, just hanging out

One of my toothy pumpkin face beads getting his eyeballs put on.


  1. What a wonderful project (and post)! We've been having a line of discussion on my blog the last couple of weeks about designing jewelry for special audiences. This fits in perfectly! I hope you won't mind if I mention and link to your site.

  2. What an awesome group and idea you have!