Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am a SLOB

There it's out and I feel so much better after my confession.  When I get wrapped up in a project my studio always looks like a tornado has gone through and left nothing untouched.  Why is it that all the projects I like involve so many different parts and pieces?  Everything gets pulled out to work out of and then nothing gets put back.  I think I could have a poll barn full of counter top and still be able to leave a mess on every inch of it. That may also have something to do with how much stuff I have??? Ya think? This huge mess always happens before a show, I always have tons of things started that need to be finished so they can be sold.  Funny thing, folks don't want finish it yourself jewelry. What started this whole confession was my friend Dawn who had to go and post a photo of her beautifully clean studio,  I had not even wanted to be in mine it was such a dump so after seeing her photos down I went to start cleaning.  Here are the before photos.
It was either a tornado or and earth quake???
Yes there is counter under all that mess.
After 2.5 hours spent in my studio cleaning, washing and dumping I can now see the tops of things.  I even got brave and put my new/used kiln up on the bead making table (Thanks Lenora).  This means I now have to figure out how to program it before I can make beads!  I think this new kiln will be a whole lot more efficient than my old one since it's all sealed and all brick,  it also has a whole lot more space and I won't have to lift up the corner to get the last few beads in like before.

Now for the big reveal photos.
Notice that beautiful kiln behind the exhaust hood.
Looks like it's time to mess it up again.


  1. Looks like a great invitation to create! Have fun.

  2. Great artistic minds work in chaos and pull out what they need for a great creation.

  3. Well, one thing I have learned visiting all bead blogs out there is that I am not the only one with a messdy bead table. :D It's good to know that I am not alone... :D But it seems like you are reade to mess it up again... :D

  4. LoL...I was just saying I need a Jeanie in a that can clean up after me, post my pieces on etsy, blog, facebook ..tweet ... stumbleupon ....make the dishes...sleep for me... :-) Nice studio! Thanks for sharing!

  5. HAHA I love the title of this post! I think all creative types have the energy to mess it up, but when it comes to cleaning, we would rather mess it up some more.

    I really like your stainless steel tables! where did you get those from?

    I enjoy reading your blog - if for no other reason to commiserate that other artists go through the same thing that you do. : )

    1. Thanks, The stainless steel table is simply a tall dining room tableat standing height, I had a guy who does tin bending for race cars bend up two pieces of stainless steel that fit over the top of the table overlapping in the middle. It is simply sitting on the table with the seam in the middle sealed with tub sealer. It has truly taken a beating and still looks good.

      BTW my studio looks worse today than it did then. I just finished my outdoor season of shows and my studio is showing it.