Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blooming Hair Ties

Yesterday I spent some time making flowers for my hair ties and they turned out well with very few ugly ducklings. I started out with over 30 but when it was all said and done about 24 of them survived, that's very good odds since I normally don't work this big.  I got the new/old kiln running and it could have held another 30 flowers if I had that many mandrels,  there is just no way even 30 could have fit in my old kiln and I would have had to stop before getting this many.  I think one more day of making these will put me in pretty good shape for the show season.  By the way if you are interested in purchasing any of these they run $10.00 each with free shipping, just send me an email @ Beadbug at usa dot com or contact me through
Flowers just out of the kiln
Finished Blooming Hair Ties


  1. Oh my goodness these are GORGEOUS! Maybe one day I will be able to make these, but right now, as I've been off the torch for a year, it doesn't look good. :-(

  2. LOVE!!!!! So so cute...I wish I had a girl : (