Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Love/Hate List

I have now visited or tried to visit all 209 bead soup blogs and there are things I noticed, some good, some bad so I'm going to use this space tonight to share those thoughts with you.  If you don't like what I have to say that's OK this is just my opinion so please remember that in your comments.  I also know that this list will help me work on my blog to make it easier to visit.  Since I am new to this blog business I will have to ask some questions about how to change some of these things.

Please add your Love/Hates to my comment section, I would like to hear what yours are.

Things I loved,
  • Out of 210 participants only 17 were unable to post and one of those folks was having a baby :) This is a wonderful turn out.  A few had computer problems and some had family emergencies but almost all posted stating the trouble and I will revisit these blogs.
  • Only 1 link didn't work, that is just amazing and means people did do their homework.
  • Everyone was very good about following the rules and only a few didn't list all the blogs in their blog and my bet is that they couldn't figure out how to make them work. It isn't always easy.
  • All the comments were so positive and I know we all look forward to seeing more.
  • Seeing all the beautiful work, scrolling through the blogs and viewing just how out of their element some folks worked.  This has really pushed some people to work with items they would have never considered using before and they all turned out just amazing.
  • All the photos were beautiful but what I really love is to see the whole piece of jewelry in one photo preferably hanging as it would be when worn.  I am going to work on taking more photographs of my pieces on models 
  • I have never viewed so much bead porn in 2 days as I have yesterday and today and it was heaven.
Things I hate and didn't realize it until visiting all these blogs.  I have to fix many of these on my own blog.
  • I don't want to be forced to listen to your music.  Often I have the TV or my music on and yours running all over mine is not a good sound. It also slows down the connection and if you are on dial up you know exactly what I mean.
  • When I come into your blog I want to see the whole blog post not have to click on yet another link to find the whole post.  Often this is my first visit to your blog and if I have to do this for every post I am just not going to stay because it is going to take way to much time to view all your beautiful stuff.
  • Giant top banners are a huge turn off. If you have to scroll half way down the page to get to the good stuff  your banner is to large.  Just my opinion and as you can see I have many LOL.
  • I love to comment and commented on every blog that I could find the comment button for so please don't make me go looking for it or put it at the top of your blog.  I need to figure out how to make this button bigger on my own blog. 
  • I dislike the separate window for the comments, I have no idea if my blog does this but if it does I am going to see about changing it.
  • I love to read all the comments so if you have folks wait for approval then I don't get to read all of them :( I truly can't imagine folks leaving bad comments but if they do you can take them out later.
  • Tiny photos, I think every blog program has a place to make them huge and I want to be able to see all the wonderful details.
  • I am not going to another blog to post a comment for the blog I am currently on.  Just not going to do it remember folks we have way to many to visit :)
  • Just post your photos, cute slide shows take way to long to load if they load at all.
  • Please don't make me sign up to leave a comment if all 210 blogs did this we would never make it though all of them and I feel if you did your part in participating and getting your blog together on time then I should visit take a look around and comment.
Even though my dislike list is longer truly I had more likes about this process.  These are some of the most talented 209 people I have ever been linked with and I want to thank everyone of you for participating and making it so much fun.
Just remember, Life Is Good


  1. Good ideas!! I think I’ll go take the music off my blog. Thanks for taking the time to post your opinions, very interesting.

  2. I haven't visited all of them yet. I do get frustrated finding the comment button on some. It takes every ounce of strength I possess to not immediately click out of a blog with music. I just hate background music on any website.

  3. Interesting thoughts. Regarding the moderting thing: Unfortunatly there are many, many spammers underway and after deleting a bunch of them every day you really, really find the option of moderating a good thing:-)

  4. Lol, I was amused with your list because those are some of my same thoughts. Especially with the photos. I know not everyone has the best camera or shooting conditions - but I really wanted full length views of some of the pieces, as well as enlargability!!!

    And yes, the music thing is definitely annoying. Especially if I didn't realize my volume was up high, and then all of a sudden I'm blasted out of my seat ;)

  5. Good comments - I was thinking many of the same things. Agree with you that the positives out weigh the criticisms. I am still working up to starting a blog (mostly to do Bead Blog Hop in August) and I will definitely consult your list before I take the plunge.

  6. May I add one more? I've been returning the favor of those who left comments on my blog by immediately visiting theirs. But if the person's name is different from that on the official list, or if they don't list the name of their blog on their profile, I can't find out who they are or where their blog is! Very frustrating.

  7. I love reading your thoughts! I must admit I share many of the same. seperate comment window on your blog:)

  8. Yes, please feel free to add your own pet peeves here I need to hear them all in case I need to fix something on my blog because this is quite new to me and I know there are things to improve.

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you put it to paper (or computer). The things you mentioned were annoying, just didn't realize that was why I was getting so crabby. I know there have to be ways to make my blog better/easier etc., so I will be following you to see what solutions you get, and "borrow" them from you! I have had so much fun on this hop, but I'm still not done, so I'm back to hopping. BTW, do you or anyone know if you can turn off the "verification code" part of posting a comment? That has really been tiring.

  10. I agree with everything you've said. I have to figure out how people can leave comments on my blog without a separate window popping up. I'm sure there is probably a setting in there somewhere. Sometimes by the time I've scolled down to the bottom of the list to leave a comment I've forgotten the details of the piece. It's so much easier if I can just scroll back up instead of going back to the original window. I'm going to have to look into this. Thanks for sharing your list!

  11. OK here are my opinions, since you asked.

    Music on a blog is very annoying. Totally agree.

    As far as pics go, yes they should max out the width of the blog text column... You can find out what that width is by looking at your blog settings but MOST are 400-600 pixels wide. If you want to have a larger view, upload them a little larger and then the blog will automatically crunch them to the largest viewable size while including a link to your larger version.

    Another one of my hates is def. photos that are CRAZY large. I find that if a photo is over 1200 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall then it is too big. I shouldn't have to scroll around to see your photo.

    I ALSO don't like clicking on a link and it opening in the same window I am currently viewing. Sometimes I want to click on the link to reference the beads the author is talking about but I do not want to lose my spot I am reading... Having links open in a new tab/window is nice because you can click back to your post and finish reading with out having to scroll all over the place and hit the "back" tab a million times.

    Things I love:
    consistency. in color, photos, text, titles, wording.

    placement. Left align please.. none of this center text stuff.

    nice clean side bars. you can have ads and cool side bar pics a long as they are somehow related AND not overboard... Relate them in size, or all in a box, or all have a title etc. I don't even look at side bars that are full of crazy all over the place nonsense.

    interactive posts. like giveaways, polls, contests, guessing games, questions (like this post)

    ok... I better take a break!

  12. I am STILL hopping! So I know of what you say... this is a good exercise not only in creating with beads and making new friends but finding ways to improve the blogging experience on your own site. Good lessons to learn!
    I love great pictures...I would encourage everyone to invest time and energy into that! And I love it when there is a story to be told, a connection made. I hate music on blogs and rarely visit them. I also can't stand comment verification words, and those comments that pop up to a full page where I can't scroll up and see what I am commenting on! But the number one thing that I hate... not having the email option in the profile. Blogging is all about building community and finding people to connect with but when you don't have that turned on I can't reply and that makes me sad! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog for just a comment... not jumping through hoops or being a Facebook fan or whatever, open to all, only stipulation is the email should be on or leave that in the comments! I can't tell you how many people are out of the running for the giveaway because there was no way to contact them!
    Okay.. Enough about that... I need to go sample your soup!
    Enjoy the day!

  13. I totally agree about being able to see the necklace as a necklace and not a pile of beads.. I'm sort of guilty of that .. as I built a collage of all the elements to keep my blog shorter!

    I went to blogs from my comments and from other peoples comments... there are people in this hop who have blocked blogs! Don't participate in something like this if your blog is blocked! Yes if you go from the list then you get their blog but if you go from a comment you can't get there.. I have no clue how many blogs I've been to because of the disorganized way I'm doing it.

    I realize I don't have my email on my blog I will see if this technoramous can figure out how to add it... Yes it should be there... If I can't figure it out I'll email Erin as her blog does have an email contact!

  14. Thanks for posting this blog. I had a similar idea to do after I am done hopping...still not done. I visited one blog which has background music and it took me a while to figure out that it was coming from that particular blog as I had many windows open. It was very annoying though the music was very pleasant to ears. But may be I was not in a mood to hear it at that time.

  15. Lol! I have lots of similar thoughts....I would rather someone chose moderated comments than I have to put in a word recognition in....I HATE those! I had one until recently but got rid of it. I'm with you on the music and slideshow front....not for bead soup anyway. Slideshows are sweet but not when you've got 209 blogs to get round! I actually like it when the comments pop up in a separate box, you can click 'jump to comment box' rather than trawling through 100 other comments...but that's just me! It's been a wonderful experience all in all though :-)

  16. A great post, and I have to agree with much of what you said! I'm still crawling my way through the bead soup tour - I don't know how you managed it in two days! I've been working at it steadily for two weeks!

  17. Great post! I is the worst. It makes it load too slowly and then blasts out unexpectedly. I'm still not through the whole list, but I'm en route. Eventually I'll finish. I'm more about having a blog life that adds value to my "real" world, not making me stress out more. So, that's the way it has to be! haaaaaaaa