Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Friday

I normally use photo Friday as a blog where I don't have to type but just post photos but today's needs some esplainin Lucy so here goes.

This week I worked on making one several of my bracelets into what is called a "line" or in regular words a bracelet, necklace and ear ring set. I don't believe in making ear rings on the norm but in order to be accepted into the club sometimes ya got ta do stuff ya don't believe in.  I think that ear rings out of glass are heavy and I would never wear them but who am I to tell others that they shouldn't?

I was asked to do my jewelry in these so called "lines" because this person claims that folks like to buy sets.  I am not sure who these folks are but even my grandma would have enough sense to realize that wearing this whole "line" would be serious over kill.  Oh well I can't teach editing :) and who am I to tell someone not to buy it all!

Bell of The Ball Pendant and Ear Rings

Bell of the Ball "Line"

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