Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Little Etsy Store

I was at a Christmas party for my hubby's work and one of the wives asked me, "Do you still have your little Etsy store?"  This was not said in an encouraging way it was a snotty remark and I truly didn't know what to say so I replied, yes I do.  I  have been a little pissed over this little comment from a woman with no job, why is it you can come up with a ton of great things to say later? Now that I can think of witty things to say back, none of them belong at a work Christmas party so maybe it was good I was at a loss for words, those of you who know me personally know it is rare that I don't have a smart comeback.

Just in you haven't seen the best seller in my little Etsy store here they are in full color, my big hole spacers come in 13 color selections, they have a 4.5mm hole and will fit on all euro style bracelets.
Black and White Big Hole Beads for Euro Bracelets
Transparent Big Hole Spacers
Rainbow Colored Big Hole Spacers


  1. And they are fabulous!! I guess that's one reason I don't tell people that I make jewelry...they do the "You" make jewelry? Makes me feel like about yay big. Your work is fabulous!

  2. Hi Tracy, you'll have to show us how your box turns out!! Can't wait to see. Take care, and thanks for coming by. Riki

  3. I know exactly what you mean about people not understanding the jewelry making world.

    The box is yet to come :)