Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Listing on Etsy

I just want it on the record that I love to create but hate to think up cute words to describe my jewelry.  Listing on Etsy is painful for me, I am not good with words to explain what crazy brain storm has caused me to create each piece.  Some folks are so good at this that you would purchase their item even if you never saw a photo but this isn't me.  Photos don't always show the best quality's of a piece and I know that a good description can help get what the photo lacked across to the buyer.  I think all this is why I love shows, folks get to pick up your piece try it on and I can explain what was in my head when creating it without having to make it sound beautiful because they know it is, they are holding the piece in their hand.  I have listed a dozen items today and it has taken me forever to photograph, crop, and word the listings so I sure hope a few sell and go to loving homes.

Here are some bezels I listed today...
Resin filled bezel with a brass bee, old lace and newsprint

Hot pink daisy on a copper back resin filled bezel

Resin filled bezel with antique button and lace with newsprint background

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