Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you ever have enough jewelry made?

Sandra and I only have an 8 foot table this weekend and no matter what it's always overflowing with beautiful things if I do say so myself.  Why is it when I am packing up my jewelry it never looks like it will be enough?  Does anyone ever feel like they have enough?  When it's sitting on my table in the jewelry trays it should look like I have a whole lot more since I have been working on jewelry for months.  Yes, I know a lot of it has sold but still it should look like more.  This is the first time I will start a show with EVERYTHING priced before I get there :)

This is what my dining room table looks like :)
I have...
35 bracelets
36 necklaces
5 stax stix I can't believe this is all I have, I may be pounding out some more of these this afternoon.
11 pony tail holders I could have used about 20 more of these.
8 books  I am going to make more of these tonight they are good sellers.
approximately 350 pandora style big hole beads.


  1. I just had a show, and I never, ever, ever feel like I have enough. Even when I have enough for TWO shows with me, I never feel like I have enough. AND, I always think that the thing I didn't have time to make is EXACTLY what I could have sold a million of! :-)

    Hope you do great!

  2. WOW!!! In my book, this is a LOT! Looks like you have many beautiful pieces here!! Best of luck.