Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cleo Hoodie

I have started sewing again and I’ve met the amazing pattern designer and owner of Stitch Upon a Time, Jennifer Getter. Jennifer is also starting a new sewing school in Marshal that I hope to start teaching at soon.  

This is the brand new Cleo Jacket pattern from Stitch Upon a Time, I was in on the pattern testing and it’s a great fitting, fun, easy to follow pattern and it’s 40% off right now. 

Here’s the link. 


 After exactly 10 years this month of hauling my stuff to shows I’m going to take a break. Hauling all the heavy bins keeps the tendinitis of the elbows on fire, as long as I’m hauling this stuff around I can’t seam to get it to heal. I didn’t do shows all summer and had no trouble, it only took one show to get it going again :(. I’m sick of it waking me up at night. 

I’ve also taken a part time job on Wednesday’s at the brand new fabric show two doors down from the sewing school in Marshal. The new fabric shop is called The Handmade Hive and right now she has mostly quilting cottons but she will be venturing into more garment fabric as she gets room. The Hive also carries a bunch of local artists items that would be great for gift giving. 

This is a size medium with 2.5 inches out of the body and 2 inches off the sleeves because I’m so short. 

I’m super impressed with the size range!

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