Monday, July 11, 2016

Moroccan Exchangeable Bead Pendant

Working handmade beads into my designs is always a fun part off the process and I use them in as often as possible. This time it was so easy and I've done it in a way that will allow you to pick beads that are your favorites to wear with this pendant.
Any bead 7/8 of an inch wide or narrower should work with the pendant.  
As you can see if the bead is smaller you can use some spacing beads to fill the area. This necklace will come with a set of extra spacing beads of varied widths so you can change beads as the mood strikes.  I will be selling these for $70.00. 
I love to show the process, this is a hand cut pancake die I made and here is the beginning idea I had. The big holes didn't give the gipsy feel I was going for so I scrapped that idea.
Here is the puffed piece showing how I used tiny copper beads to seperate the layers
I decided to use brass rivets to put two layers together. 
Here it is before polishing and patina, I'm not a fan of bright copper but if you are I can leave the patina off. 

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