Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bowl Bracelets

You most likely know I love a good challenge. I picked up this copper and brass engraved bowl at my favorite junk store Jill's Adiction in Marshal, Michigan. If your in the area stop in and say hello to Jill she's amazing.  The bowl sat for several months before I realized that the alternating engraved brass and copper pie pieces would make amazing bracelet sides. These bracelets will be a limited edition since the etched bowl is only going to produce several bracelets. 

This bracelet was made out of the brass sections of the bowl with hand blown bubbles created by my tall noted friend Cara Washington.  $95.00

This bracelet was made from m the copper sections of the engraved bowl and decorated with beads by my amazingly creative friend Marion Walters. $95.00

Another bracelet made with the copper sections of the bowl with hand blown bubbles by Cara Washington.  $95.00

Here you can see how well this bracelet sits on the wrist. Cara tried this bracelet on last night ( she has a large wrist) and it sat just as comfortably on her. 

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