Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Necklace Boards

Anyone who participates in shows knows how hard it is to get all your crap contained and hauled into the location. I have been selling my wares at shows since October of 2009 and working on my display just as long. I think they're an ongoing project because as your product changes your display has to change to handle it. The basics of mine have stayed the same for some time but recently I decided that the dress forms had to go they were bulky and I couldn't leave the jewelry on them to transport, after a week of trying a bunch of different things I came up with these new necklace boards. 
They are very functional and slim bit now I had to figure out how to pack them so the jewelry would be protected during travel. Part of the whole reason for designing something new was to cut down on the setup time. 
First I sewed up some wide elastic bands that can be pulled over the pendants top and bottom. There is a pice of polar fleece that they are wrapped in before the elastic goes on. 
I then stitched these polar fleece bags that slide over the whole mess, they give some more protection for the jewelry and the help keep the paint from chipping. 
Here's what the backs look like. I just used plumbing pipe to attach them to the top of my display and to the boards. Not beautiful but functional and most of the time the back will be against the wall. 
Now when everything is all packed up my 6 foot table all fits on one small cart and the only thing left to haul is my jewelry case. I can get everything I need into the show in just one trip!
Here is the old display with dress forms for comparison. I think the new necklace boards look nice and crisp. 


  1. Where did you get your dress forms? I have been looking for some this size. Both of these displays look amazing!!

  2. Where did you get your dress forms? I have been looking for some this size. Both of these displays are amazing!! I love this look

    1. Like most everything else I looked around and couldn't find what I needed so I made them my self. I have a tutorial for these on sale at It's only $8.00 and has very easy to follow step by step instructions.