Thursday, November 6, 2014

Neckwire or Bracelet Display Tutorial

I love nothing more than a well organized booth display with everything having a place to be put back once a customer handles it.  I find if things have a true resting place that 80% of the time it will get placed back where it belongs.  This past weekend I realized right away that my new hinged neck wires really needed that kind of "home" because laying them on the table in an artistic pile wasn't going to cut it.  People were leaving them in a messy heap o wire that looked a bit like the pile in my basement.  My friend Emily had a new display for her bracelets that was working really well.  I kept looking at it trying to figure out how I could make it work for my setup.  It finally hit me my neck wires would work perfectly with a few tweeks.  Below is a quick overview of how I made it.
You will need an old soda bottle case or other sutable wood box.
One yard of fabric I used the wrong side of natural denim because that's what I have used for the rest of my display.
Two inch green foam 22x22
Sewing machine a glue gun might work
Electric carving knife
First I decided how big the foam needed to be and cut it up into the proper size. My box ended up needing 8 pieces 3x11".  You will need about an inch extra space with all the foam in the box for the fabric.
I didn't end up using that first piece of foam to the left.
Measure your foam to decide how big your pockets will need to be and take off an inch because you want the foam to fit tight.  My pockets were 9" long by 18" wide and the space between was 2 inches.
Mark your 9 inch length with a 2 inch span between each.
Bringing your 9 inch pocket lines together and stitch.
This is what the back looked like after stitching,  I did have to use more than one width of fabric so I stitched that together before I marked it.
Put your hand through the loop and pull the foam pieces into each pocket making sure they are laying the proper direction.  This is like putting a square peg into a round hole.
Put the fabric covered foam into the box and tuck the ends in.  The nice thing is I could wash the fabric cover if necessary by pulling the foam back out.  
I tucked these in kind of like square corner sheets. I then put some coffee in a spray bottle and died the fabric so it didn't look so new and so they would match my dress forms.
This display held 16 necklaces or 21 bracelets and that's a whole lot of product in such a small space.
I plan on making a pocket with handles that this will fit into and a piece of foam to sit over the top of the display so I won't need to remove the necklaces to for travel that is why the whole foam insert is recessed a bit into the box instead of coming out to the front edge.

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