Monday, October 13, 2014

Cork Screw Necklaces

I never think I have enough jewelry for a show and I guess I never will.  I sold a whole bunch of jewelry at the show in Berring Springs so it's time for some new and different items to replace what's gone.  I just finished these cute little cork screw necklaces, all the beads were made by my friend Sharon Pribble an amazing glass bead artist they will be priced at $25.00.

This Friday I will be inside Lynn Ivan Salon  selling my wares from 5-9.  It's the Battle Creek Fall into the Arts so there will be many venues open with a whole lot of different artists showing off their talents.

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  1. I am always inspired by how you work in a series. Each one is in a style that you have created yet oh so different. I always want to be more like that and have succeeded a time or two at that. You are a creative force and I am so glad to know that it is going well for you! Enjoy the day. Erin