Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sand and Sea Necklaces

I fell in love with these little starfish and decided that they would make a great addition to my beach themed jewelry.  Sandwiching sand and starfish between two pieces of glass was a bit more challenging than I had imagined,  adding the sand while using sticky foil didn't go so well at first but once I got the right tools it got a bit easier. The glass dangle is actually an etched bead that I made to look like sea glass, the shell and sand were scavenged from the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

I want to say a big thanks to Mix Hardware here in Battle Creek for saving their scrap window glass for me.

As always these are so much more fun in person so if you get a chance please stop by my booth at the Holland, Michigan Art in the Park on August 3rd.

Sand and Sea Necklace $40.00
pendant measures 3" long

Sand and Sea Necklace $40.00 hung on a 24" long copper ball chain.

Long Sand and Sea Necklace $45.00
pendant measures 4" long
This is the only one of this length.