Friday, July 12, 2013

Moo Business Cards

When you go to shows I think the most important thing besides your tent, display and jewelry that you can bring is business cards.  The type of business cards you purchase says a lot about your business.  If you get the cheap one or two color cards with just the basics listed on it people will look at it when they get home and may not remember who you were.  I often hear people say "I have your card from last year."  This tells me that my cards are memorable and are working like they should.  

I order my cards from because I love the fact that you can put up to 100 different photos on 100 cards.  Since I started blogging I have plenty of photos my work so it's easy to upload these for business cards. I have ordered the full sized cards from Moo but I'm in love with the mini moo cards they offer.  The mini cards measure 1 1/8 x 2 3/4 and are the perfect size to show off your photos.  The paper is a beautiful quality matt finish, it does tends to repel ink so they aren't so good to write on but I don't have any space to do that anyway.  An amazing amount of info can fit on these cards for the size as you can see in the photo below.

The info I include on the back of my card.
What information do you include on your business cards?  I have found that my name/etsy store, blog, phone and email with a short description of what it is I do is all that is necessary.

The other wonderful thing I find with these business cards is if someone wants a piece of jewelry as a gift I often have a card with a piece like it that they can give to their hubby or significant other.  It makes the gift buying so much easier and since I have several ways to be contacted it makes for a very smooth transaction.

My most recent Moo Card order 34 photos.
Moo is having a huge sale right now of 30% off your order.  If you sign up for the email news letter they will send you notifications of there sales and you get free shipping on your first order.  This is the best sale I have ever seen!

I am in no way connected with Moo and haven't received any bonus from them to say such nice things about the company, I just feel when a company does so much right for a change it's good to give everyone a heads up.

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