Thursday, April 4, 2013

Watch Necklaces

When I was in Tucson I found these wonderful watch pendants I never work with silver colored metals but these were just to cute to leave there. I knew that they were screaming for some beads so I took the clasp off the chain and made it continuous since they were long enough to slip over the head. This makes the chain a perfect size to slide your big hole beads off and on.  If you own a Pandora or other brand bracelet those beads will also slide on this chain so you can change the beads out to match your outfit.  I sell the tiny big hole spacer beads in my Etsy shop.

Watch Pendant Necklaces $55.00


  1. These are fun, too! I really enjoy your jewelry!

  2. You are such an innovative when I see updates from your blog as I know I'll always be in for a treat!!! xox

  3. Wow, I see a lot of blogs, and yours has to be near the top! Your photography is fabulous and your descriptions are so down-to-earth! And I love your glasswork too!