Thursday, April 18, 2013

Projects to Go

Today I spent nine hours on the road headed to Baltimore, Maryland to see my youngest son for the first time since his move in January. When riding anyplace over a couple hours I always plan a couple of projects to take along to keep my hands and mind busy so the ride goes quicker. This time I brought my tiny books, Viking knit and ruler sections that need to be foiled. Learning what works for travel has been quite a trial with a whole lot of error. I have found that plastic pencil cases work great for travel projects, they lay flat when open and the lid ends up as a usable work space. The best part about these boxes is they are on sale everywhere for as little as fifty cents just before starts I the fall.

I spent a couple days last summer cutting and stitching buttons on covers so they would be ready for the guts. Today I was able to tear and ready 40 book insides, this is an extremely tedious job that is great for in the car. I simply take the thick cardboard that comes as a backboard for the paper I like and use it as a little work table in my lap. With all that done and tucked away into my travel box I can now pull these parts out and quickly stitch the little books together.

This is what my little book project box looks like.


  1. I love havinmg a little travelling craft paxk - don't go anywhere without them!

    Those little books are very sweet and extra special - always wanteed to try something like this :)

  2. I love to do things like that in the car. I buy the Snapware boxes that link together so that I can have one for tools and one for the project pieces. I have found that a little deli container fits in there as well to hold smaller pieces. I recently made a trip and made my Toast of the Town necklace. I have also made loads of earring dangles (adding the earrings later). Love your little books! You are so very clever and your designs are truly a tactile feast! Enjoy the day. Erin