Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tucson Loot

I am finally home and unpacked and thought you may be interested to see some of what I purchased while in Tucson.  It was really hard to control myself and not buy all the pretty things but to keep my purchases to items that I knew exactly what I would use them for and things I needed.

Cold Enamels
I think the use of the name cold enamels is a very misleading.  In a nutshell these are simply the same basic thing that scrapbookers use to emboss with.  The colors are wonderful and I got German silver, turquoise and bronze.  These can't be used on anything without being sealed with resin because they will simply peal away so enamels these are not!  They are more of a plastic film that comes as a powder and when heated turns into a plastic.

 Roman Glass
 I love this glass it's amazing colors and feel goes perfect with my recycled jewelry.  They say the glass is over 900 years old.  I don't know if this is true or not but I do love the idea that it might be.

Leather Cord
 This is 5mm leather cord that I plan on making bracelets with.  A whole lot of them LOL

These are beads I purchased the top green ones are like little Geo's, next are some little nuggets that I can't remember the name of.  The deep purple and coral beads are made of spiny oyster and pale pink beads are a rough rose quarts.

Copper Beads from
These are all solid copper beads it's amazing how heavy they are.  I often find copper beads here in town but most of them are hollow and just don't have the amazing feel of these.  I got an amazing deal on these.  At the top of the photo is a string of stamped out flowers that will be used in some future projects.  I am thinking of enameling them with the real stuff not the fake enamels.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I would go again in a heart beat.  Diane Hawkey has a wicked sense of humor that mixes perfectly with mine :)


  1. Ohhhh, that's some cool stuff. I have copper bead envy now, I would be enameling day and night with a stash like that :). Does whomever you bought the copper from have a website?

    1. They do I will try to find the card. I am still putting things away.

    2. The address for the copper beads is Hands of the Hills is the name of the company and they were extremely nice.

  2. Wowza!!! Looks like you spent a ton of $$$. Great beads!!!

    1. I actually paid wholesale prices for everything I got so it was extremely reasonable.