Friday, August 24, 2012

My 2006 Egg Camper

We got a new bigger fiberglass camper at the beginning of the month and it was truly a clean slate, everything in it was white except for the little brown seats on the side dinette and the carpet.  The Egg Camper as they call it is 17 feet long and has a very open floor plan with a shower/toilet.  We had been camping in our Scamp for 2 years but living without a bathroom and having such a small bladder wasn't working out so well for me.  I found this camper on the Fiber Glass RV form and knew it would be the perfect camper for the two of us.  The woman I purchased the camper from said that they had only used it four times.  I believe it because it even still smelled used and the stove looked like it had never even been turned on.

After decorating the Scamp up all cute (you can see the photos here) it was very easy to sell through Craigslist.  I put the Scamp on Craigslist at 4pm and by 6pm I have several folks asking about it.  This is the first thing I have ever posted on Craigslist and I wouldn't hesitate to list there again.

Decorating this camper was really fun but finding bright colored bedding to match the brown that was already in the camper was a bit of a challenge.  I finally found the paisley quilt at Target and then wanted to find another coordinating fabric to go with it.  This stripe fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby was just the ticket and I really love how everything turned out and just in time to go camping next weekend.

The rear bed is a full sized mattress and the back mattress fits where the table is
to make a second bed.
The little brown seats came with the camper and they looked new so I just left them as is.
This shows the shower curtain and my tiny microwave.
 I made this little cover that sets over my stove out of a cutting board and pipe fittings
along with some rubber feet so it doesn't slide around.
Without it there really isn't any counter space.
I made these little window toppers so that they simply Velcro to the tops of the mini blinds.
Look at the bottom right, that's right we have air :)

2006 Egg Camper

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  1. I'm not a camper, but this is just darling! I know you'll have fun with this.