Monday, June 18, 2012

Wrist Corsage Bracelets

I always love making wrist corsage bracelets because just about kind of beads look great with the copper band.  These adjustable bracelets don't flip on your wrist when wearing since the fit and shape is a perfect match for most wrists. Made out of recycled wire and copper refrigerator tubing it's unique look and great fit is sure to be a favorite.
Dogwood Wrist Corsage Bracelet $65.00
Blue Floral Wrist Corsage Bracelet $65.00
Cream Peach and Blue Floral Wrist Corsage Bracelet $65.00
Grandmothers Flower Garden Wrist Corsage Bracelet $65.00


  1. A very clever design! I love the little flowers and beads as dangles on the top.

  2. Those are fantastic! I love the patina of the copper with the bright colors of the beads...really makes them sing! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Flowers are my favorite. Love the colors ~

  4. I read the headline...I swear I did! But as I was looking through these one at a time, carefully looking and admiring each one, I thought, "my, these remind me of wrist corsages!" Ha! What a nut! They are even labeled under each photo! Well, aptly named I'd say!

    They are beautiful! And just as I loved the looseness of the hoops bracelets, I know I'd love these for their "stay putness" factor! In addition to the bright, cheerful "flower" part (the blue floral is my absolute favorite), the copper band looks just terrific! Those could stand alone as well.

    Obviously, I love the whole thing. AND, I think you have a terrific knack for naming things! :-)