Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Ready to Attend Bead $ Button

That is not a mistake in the title, I think a dollar sign is the perfect & sign for the Bead & Button show.  I have never been to this show but I know some of my readers have.

This is what I know,
1. Wear good shoes.  I always do.
2. Call your credit card and let them know what you are doing so they don't freeze your account. What you charge will be going through that persons bank and you could end up charging from many states in one day.
3. Type out address labels with your name, address, tax id number and phone number to make transactions easier.
4. Make a list of items you would like to look for (I found the list of over a thousand vendors overwhelming)
5. Bring a backpack or other tote to haul the loot you purchase.
6. Bring Business Cards.

The question now is for you who have been to this or other shows like this one is there anything more I should do or have ready before I leave?

How is the temp in this building?  Will I need a sweatshirt?

And now for some bead porn :)
Mini Drops, I haven't made any of these in a long time, it may be time to revisit this technique.


  1. I can't vouch for the temp @ this show, but between the mass of people & all the lights @ the booths it is usually warm...

  2. I can't speak to this event, but you sound very prepared for a conference/show environment to me!

    And oh, I love these little beads for sure! :-)

    Have a great trip! --Sharyl

  3. I go to B & B every year..... I live in Battle Creek but grew up in the Milwaukee area. I have never felt cold at the show. Hauling your bags around, the show lights, etc.... keep you warm enough.

  4. Thanks everyone, I am feeling somewhat prepared :) Peacockfairy, I think we need to meet up, I am in Battle Creek also and don't know many people here since I am originally from Kalamazoo. Send me an email :)

  5. It does get warm with all those people there, and yes, all the loot you will be hauling. I like a rolling bag of some sort. Saves my shoulders. I never thought to call my cc company, but that is a good idea. And I would say try to have a budget. It is so easy to see everything and want to buy. If you are there for a few days, take one or at least part of a day and just look if you can. If it seems rare, then buy it, otherwise, do a bit of comparison shopping. Bring lots of water and a few snacks like granola bars. They have food, and it isn't stellar but it is okay, but you are trapped. You can always go off site to eat (might I recommend the Miller Time Pub in the Hilton across the street - ate there on Sat and it was delicious!). The most important thing is to wear your smile and your best jewelry so that when people walk up and give you the 'beader's handshake' you will become instant friends! I will be at booth 1212 with Heather Powers. Stop by! Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. I'm usually cold no matter what, but I think with all those beads in one place, I'd be having hot flashes!!