Monday, June 11, 2012

Bead $ Button Booty

My first trip to Bead & Button was a huge success with a whole lot of laughter, sore feet,  great food and amazing shopping.  If you are a bead fan I can highly recommend going to this show. Those of us who live lower Michigan have it easy since we can just shoot around the bottom of the lake and be there in 5 hours or so but this show would be well worth flying in for.
All my booty in one small bag!
The one tool that we all felt we couldn't live without
Here I have, lundstorm cutters that can easily cut 16g metal, rubber block, waxed linen for book binding,  luster paste,  bezel pusher, two sided round bead roller, mini carving tools and a black rubber block for clay work.

Freebies from the show including tiny lundstorm  pliers.
Bead strands for a buck each!
These rubber O rings will show up in some jewelry soon.
Copper clay, scratch form board and a low profile doming block were the things I was on the outlook for.
As you can see I did well at the show not doing to much damage and getting things that I really do need.  I can't wait to get started using them.  That will have to wait another day because I have to dig out my studio first and find new places for these goodies to reside.


  1. Cool Stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have the Riveting System and LOVE IT ! I also bought the eyelet rivet tool also.

  3. We all also purchased the eyelet tool, Deb got it in both sizes :)

  4. You purchased some great things...glad you had a good time.... that riveting tool is looking very appealing!

  5. What wonderful supplies you found! I'm so glad you shared your awesome purchases with those of us who didn't get to go!!

  6. Cool stuff! I never thought about there being so many tools there too! Love that doming block! (And tell me more that that glove finger please! Looks like something that could be useful when I try to use the grinder that keeps wanting to take my finger! What's it really for?)

    Thanks for sharing photos of your "loot!"

  7. This carving guy sells the left hands of these gloves but the right hand for most is'n of any use so he cuts the fingers off so you can use them on either hand for protection from sharp objects, grinding wheels and such. He gives them away for free just to get rid of them. I am sure that he charges the price of left and right gloves when he sells the left one so I am really not sure why he doesn't just leave them packaged together?

  8. Whoa jealous here...those goodies look like so much fun!!