Friday, April 6, 2012

Fused Silver and Copper Bracelets

I got a few more bracelets finished today and am really pleased with how they turned out. These were taking in natural light, the rich greens, blues and purples just don't get caught on digital well.  I hope some of you will be able to see these in person at shows this summer.
Turquoise n Cream Fused Silver n Copper Bracelet $110.00
Green and Navy Fused Silver n Copper Bracelet $110.00
Brown, Black and Cream Fused Silver n Copper Bracelet $110.00
Black, Blue and Green Fused Silver n Copper Bracelet $110.00
The penny is just to give you an idea of how tiny the beads used in this bracelet are.


  1. Just gorgeous!!!! My favorite is the first one with the lovely colored glass beads. You should make and sell a PDF tutorial on this great design.

  2. The bracelets are just splendid! I hope I can do work this lovely and creative someday, (but I have my doubts). In addition to the metal work, there are your famous little lampwork beads that are just so awesome. I don't know anyone else that does them quite like that! :-)

  3. Thanks Nancy and Alice.

    Sharyl, I know you have the creativity so go out and take as many classes as you can afford. There are so many good online classes you can't go wrong.

  4. These bracelets are really amazingly gorgeous! Wonderful design!

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