Friday, November 18, 2011

Necklace Wrangler

Comb Style Binder used as a necklace wrangler for traveling to shows.
I got roped into do a show tomorrow 11/19, from 9-3 at the Calhoun Christian School across the street from Harbor Freight and JoAnn's here in Battle Creek.  It should be a nice small show and I am looking forward to it, as I was trying to pack yesterday I realized that there had to be a better way to manage the necklaces so that when I got them out of my case they weren't a tangled mess.  It seems like I always spend most of my time setting up untangling necklaces. Then as I was looking through Pinterest, my new favorite time suck and I saw where a person was using those comb style book binding spines to wrangle their computer cords.  They wrangled the cords so nice I figured they would work on my necklaces.  I went to Office Max and spent a whole $3.99 on a box of 25 of the 55 sheet  size.  They come in many sizes and you could get what ever is going to work best for you. The great thing is you can cut them to fit the length of your necklace so there isn't a bunch of extra hanging off the end.

To put the combs on grab the necklaces by the top and start by placing only one side of them into the loops.  It take a little bit to get them started but once you have a few loops around the chains then you can simply put the loops around both sides.  I hope this makes sense?  When you are ready to remove them simply grab the necklaces by the top and pull them free from the loops.  It really is to easy and I know this is going to make my life so much easier and maybe help you out also.

What is your biggest organization tool for shows?
Comb Style Book Binding Spines
At the top leave a few of the combs with only one side of the necklace.
Wrap them as far down as you can so that the little devils don't have much room to move.


  1. I think this might work nicely with my pendants on ribbons. I have the same tangle problem every time I pack them up to show them. In my case, I might slip a layer of tissue paper between the batch of ribbon and the binder to keep them from wrinkling, but what a great idea! I was heading to the office supply store soon anyway--now adding this to my list! Thanks a bunch!

  2. I took these to my show today and getting them out was a dream putting them back in is a bit of a pain in the rear but still less time consuming than untangling.

  3. That is just brilliant! I have the same problem. I'll go to a shop and everything is a mess when I walk in to present my new pieces. The other thing I like to use is a chest that used to hold silverware. I put the necklaces in the slots where the forks and spoons used to go.

  4. It would be great to combine the two a chest with the spaces and the book binders. Perfect.

  5. Time I've got you bookmarked missy.... I'll be back to check out your fabulous-ness!