Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Dress Form Tutorial is Ready for Purchase

My dress form tutorial is now for sale on Etsy,  the cost is $8.00, you will find the instructions easy to follow.
Dress form display
This is the listing,

This is a pdf file to sew your own dress form not the actual dress form.

After looking all over the internet and not finding any larger dress form patterns I created my own out of items you can find at your local craft stores. The nine page pdf file that you receive with your purchase will include a very detailed supply list, full size pattern and step by step directions with 16 photos.

I taught for The Viking Sewing Machine Company and have 14 years of experience in pattern making and sewing instruction so I can insure that you will be happy with these instructions.

The third photo is of my Art Show display using the dress forms just to give you an idea of how they can be used. The last photo is of my display being packed up and ready to go to a show. These little dress forms pack well and will unscrew from the base so that the base can be screwed to your display to make them very stable.

Your pattern will come to you via your Paypal E-mail address as a PDF attachment to download, within 24 hours of payment. NO shipping charges! I often do art shows and spend time with family on the weekends so it may take a little longer to receive your order.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. (Most PC have it already installed.)
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, it is a free download from Adobe at

Sewing Level: Beginner

Finished Size
Height:24 inches
Shoulder Width: 10 inches 

pdf includes:
Full Sized Pattern 
Step by step, clear instructions with a lot of colored photos.
Detailed Supply list including where I purchased each item.

Basic supplies needed:
sewing machine
½ yard fabric
polly fill.
black steel tacks
upholstery foam
oval wood plaque
wood candle stick holder
electric or manual bread knife to cut foam

Mini Dress Form Tutorial

Possible use for your handmade dress forms


  1. Love! Of course it requires sewing, right? What about a duct tape and glue gun approach?
    Enjoy the day!

  2. You are SO multi-talented! And I can't believe you have this ready to sell already--seems like just yesterday you were asking if anyone was interested!

  3. LOL I don't think that duct tape will work in this case but if I come up with one that does I will send it out to ya :) LOL. Very little sewing is needed so if you had a friend that could just do the 10 min of sewing it requires the rest is just nails n stuffing.

  4. Just ordered mine! I look forward to receiving it!